THE NEW SLAVERY: Human trafficking and the use of slave labour

kevin_bales_disposable_peoplekevin_balesHigh profit exploitation of people is increasing rapidly with globalisation of markets and millions of people are being subjected to a form of modern day slavery. With millions plunged into economic vulnerability by famine and market forces  and many more displaced and forced to flee because of war, the scale of the problem is huge and often ignored or condoned by corporations, governments and international bodies. At the same time highly organised and sophisticated criminal groups are making enormous profit out of human trafficking that has devastating consequences  for women and children in particular.
Kevin Bales is Professor of Contemporary Slavery and and Deputy Director of the Wilberforce institute for the Study of Slavery at the University of Hull. He is a Co-Founder of Free the Slaves and has for many years been one of the leading campaigners on the issue of modern day slavery, advising governments and the UN as well as writing extensively about the issue. In 2002 his documentary film ‘Slavery: A Global Investigation’ won the Emmy Award for best documentary. He will look at the current situation regarding slavery and human trafficking and what should be done to improve it, in particular in relation to the refugee crisis that is engulfing the Middle East. Professor Bales has written two books “Disposable People” and “Ending Slavery”   See also the link to TED talk on slavery in February 2010

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