Breaking the Bank’s Bond

Dr Vineeta Gupta (Insaaf Int.) and World Bank Boycott co-ordinators

Dr. Vineeta Gupta is General Secretary of Insaaf International, a Punjab-based human rights group committed to social justice, where she works on efforts to disclose the harmful effects of World Bank user fees on health care. Dr. Gupta and members of the WBBoycott will discuss the social, economic and environmental impact of the WB and explore means of effective local resistance to its destructive economic policies.

The Boycott is an international coalition of grassroots groups which seeks to increase financial and political pressure on the World Bank by discouraging local institutions from investing in its bonds, from which it raises 80% of its money. Since its launch in April 2000, over 75 institutional investors have joined the Boycott, including trade unions such as The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, religious groups such as Pax Christi (USA), banks such as the Co-operative Bank UK, and SRI firms such as the Calvert Group.
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