The Robotics Revolution: How Artificial Intelligence & Robots will change our lives

Developments in Artificial Intelligence and the use of Autonomous Systems ( robots) have reached a stage where they will have an impact on every aspect of our lives, with the potential to change not only the nature of work, but also the way services are provided whether medical diagnosis and treatment, driverless transport or education.  The impact on employment could be huge and the ethical and moral issues that this revolution will expose are of great significance.

Alan Winfield is Professor of Robot Ethics at the University of West England and conducts research in cognitive robotics within the Bristol Robotics Lab. He undertakes public engagement work centred on robotics and within that work has a particular focus on robot ethics.  He has argued that transparency is a foundational requirement for building public trust in Autonomous Systems and that it should always be possible to find out why a robot made a particular decision.  He will look at the likely impact of robotics both at work and in wider society and will also discuss the moral and ethical issues that will confront us as this revolution unfolds.  He has written several books and publications including Robotics: a Very Short Introduction and Swarm Robotics

Cafe Date – 8th May 2017 18.45