Agricultural Colonialism – the new scramble for Africa

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 08.07.29_0The  New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition is a private sector investment platform for multinationals eager to expand into the agricultural markets of Africa. The initiative is supported by the G8 (including £395 million from the UK aid budget)and so far has been signed by 10 African countries. These countries are called upon to make changes to their seed, land and farming laws which destroy livelihoods, dispossess local communities and severely reduce access to food for their populations. This has devastating consequences for small-scale farmers, who currently feed 70% of the continent’s inhabitants. Nick Dearden will analyse the issue for us. He is the director ofThe World Development Movement, a politically and financially independent organisation that campaigns for economic justice for the world’s poor majority.

Agricultural Colonialism – the new scramble for Africa (Nick Dearden at Café Diplo, 27/10/2014) by Cafe Diplo on Mixcloud


The Global Tyranny of International Debt

portrait_nick_deardenAll debt is a power relation, and sovereign debt is part of a very deliberate creation of developing country dependency. The burden of crippling debt repayments results in a flow of wealth from poor nations to rich ones, while at the same time creditor countries and their institutions dominate the governments of their debtors, undermining their democracy, and imposing disastrous trade and privatisation policies designed further to increase creditor wealth. Nick Dearden, the Director of Jubilee Debt Campaign, will explain how debt is part of a skewed global economic and financial system that requires radical reform if there is to be any hope of eradicating poverty within an environmentally sustainable framework.