Ahmadinejad: The secret history of Iran’s radical leader

kasra_najiAs Iran’s nuclear programme accelerates, attention is focused on the blacksmith’s son who could have his finger on the trigger. Who is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? What drives him? What formed him? To whom, if anyone, does he answer?’ Internationally acclaimed journalist Kasra Naji, a native Persian speaker, has spent years in Iran interviewing friends, family and colleagues of the firebrand President to tell for the first time the story of how he came to power. In a journalistic career spanning two decades, Kasra Naji has reported from the Middle East and Asia for CNN, BBC, Financial Times, The Guardian, LA Times, and the Economist. His book ‘Ahmadinejad – the secret history of Iran’s Radical Leader’ will be published by I.B Tauris in December this year.