The Future of Yemen?

Will the crisis in Yemen, a state characterized by failing institutions, lawlessness, social and political instability, abject poverty, and foreign intervention lead to its breakup with unforeseen consequences for the whole region? Fawaz A. Gerges, professor of Middle Eastern Politics and International Relations at LSE is the author of two recently acclaimed books on the Muslim world: Journey of the Jihadist (Harcourt Press, 2007) and The Far Enemy: Why Jihad Went Global (Cambridge University Press, 2005). His forthcoming book is titled The Making of the Arab World: From Nasser to Nasrallah (Public Affairs) He is well known for his articles and editorials which frequently appear in prestigious publications worldwide. No armchair historian, Gerges has recently completed a field study of the Middle East where he interviewed scores of civil society leaders, activists and mainstream and radical Islamists.’