Can we trust a secret State?

At a time when our country is taken to war on flawed intelligence information, UK citizens are imprisoned without trial on the word of the intelligence services, and fear of terrorist attack is high, we need to know that those responsible for Britains security are really doing all they can to protect us. David Shayler, who worked for M15’s political and counter terrorism department in the 1990’s, was so concerned by its questionable activities and incompetence that he left and went on the record about the service’s failings. This courageous stand has led to a life on the run, exile in Paris, and two spells in jail. David will speak of his experiences at the heart of the secret state and on what happens when you stand up to it. His colleague, Annie Machon, who left for the same reasons, has recently written a book, ‘Spies, Lies & Whistleblowers’ which tells this fascinating and disturbing story.