Renewable energy under fire; is it reliable, affordable or sustainable and is it the future?

DavidCollins2Politicians regularly denigrate renewables in response to powerful lobbyists and hint at power blackouts and increased energy bills to steer voters towards an energy manifesto based on fossil fuel, nuclear and fracking.    On the other hand there is genuine public concern over the environmental impacts and reliability of some types of renewable energy generation.   David has been Head of Biogas at the Renewable Energy Association since 2004 and has been active in implementing measures to kick start and support the biogas industry in the UK which now has over 150 working plants producing electricity, heat, green gas and soil fertiliser.  He pioneered a biofertiliser certification scheme for the UK and was elected to the Board of the European Biogas Association in January this year.    David will look at the technologies, discuss current concerns over the viability of  renewable energy systems and point a way towards a reliable de-centralised sustainable energy future using his experience of biogas technology as a working example.