Poland: The revolution of the populist right and the threat to democracy in Eastern Europe

Having come to power in 2015, Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party stands accused of attempting to reverse the country’s democratic transition by seizing control of Poland’s independent democratic institutions. Commonly labelled conservative or nationalist, Law and Justice blends the religious and patriotic rituals of Poland’s long history of resistance to foreign oppression with hostility to free-market capitalism and a heavy dose of conspiracy regarding the machinations of Poland’s enemies. Yet surprisingly this right wing populist movement has come to power at a time when Poland is more prosperous than it has ever been.

Christian Davies is a journalist and writer who has lived and worked in Poland. He will look at the background to the success of the Law and Justice party in Poland and the impact of the new right wing populism on Poland and Eastern Europe.  Link to Guardian audio on “The Conspiracy Theorists who have taken over Poland”