Nuclear Weapons, Abolition Now

Bruce Kent will talk about his belief that the threat caused by nuclear arms did not disappear with the end of the Cold War and that people’s perceptions of nuclear arms have to be challenged, “to move to another common sense”. In response to today’s political climate he points out that “you cannot increase security by making other people feel insecure”. Bruce Kent is perhaps the country’s most prominent peace campaigner and first became involved in the peace movement in 1958, working with Pax Christi. He has been Chair of CND, President of Abolition 2000 UK and a member of Amnesty International. His tireless work has ensured his position as an internationally renowned speaker on issues centred on justice and peace.

Global Nuclear Disarmament: Utopia or necessity?

It is clear today that to guarantee genuine security for future generations we have to move towards the global abolition of nuclear weapons. Bruce Kent will talk about the prospect of global nuclear disarmament focusing on nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction present in various countries and in particular in the UK.

Bruce Kent is founder and Vice President of Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Chair of the Movement for Abolition of War and VP of Pax Christi.