Undermining global security: Arms brokers and military supply chains

The increasing business of state outsourcing of military procurement to international networks of private arms dealers, brokers, private transport contractors and other intermediaries is worsening the already lax controls on the globalised arms trade. This system enables such networks to help fuel conflict and repression Africa, the Middle East, South Asia and Latin America at huge cost in human life and suffering. Brian Wood, is the Research and Policy Manager for Amnesty International on the arms trade – see www.amnesty.org – and the Control Arms Campaign – see www.controlarms.org. He has written and co-written many hard-hitting analyses for AI and others of how abuse of arms across the world contribute to grave human rights violations, for example in Sudan and the DRC, and how arms brokers and shippers operate – for example, “The Arms Fixers” – on www.nisat.org.