Remaking cities: exploring contemporary urban policy

portrait_allan_cochrane_0In an increasingly urbanized and interconnected world, similar challenges appear to face most modern cities, whether regarding housing, poverty, pollution or security concerns. Whilst institutionalized and proactive attempts to address these issues are not always met with the expected success, neo-liberal policies on the other hand seem to inevitably lead to the gentrification of newly regenerated areas and the migration of the poor further away from their work place. In this talk, Professor Allan Cochrane will explore the issues that are inherent to modern cities, the extent of their globalization and the possible routes towards more inclusive urban policies. The head of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Open University, Professor Cochrane is the author of ”Understanding Urban Policy. A Critical Approach” (Blackwell Publishing, 2006) and “Security – Welfare, Crime and Society” (Blackwell Publishing, 2008). In his current research work, he takes a special interest in the mechanisms that determine urban and regional policies whilst critically engaging with the discourse of sustainable communities.

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