Energy after the end of oil: Nuclear or renewable?

The recent surge in fuel prices caused by the beginnings of a dangerous race for oil and gas reserves between established powers and rapidly growing economies such as India and China, has led to opportunist lobbying by the nuclear industry to build more plants. At the same time, far from learning the lessons of the oil inspired Iraq war, Tony Blair has recently fallen into line behind Bush by asserting that no country is prepared to cut its growth or energy consumption. There is another solution, that of reducing energy consumption and gradually replacing nuclear power, oil and other fossil fuels with renewable energy. Prof.John Twidell is one of the pioneers in the UK of renewable energy application. He is Director of the AMSET Centre Ltd, Editor of the Journal ‘Wind Engineering’ , visiting Professor in Renewable Energy at Reading University, and has been an advisor to the Parliamentary Select Committee on Energy. He is the author of nine books on renewable energy including “Renewable Energy Resources”, and the second edition is due to be published in December 2005.

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