Bad days in Basra: A Turbulent time as Britain’s Man in Southern Iraq

Sir Hilary Synnott was Britain‘s most senior representative in Southern Iraq, trying to keep the region together as the rest of the country descended into murderous violence. Bearing witness to the chaotic fashion in which the coalition was run at the highest levels, Synnott’s unique insider account is the most important primary source we have on how the South was lost. It is a devastating critique of CPA policies while providing controversial revelations about the real relationship between the two occupying powers, Britain and America. Sir Hilary Synnott was the British diplomat responsible for running Southern Iraq for the CPA, reporting directly to Paul Bremer. He is currently a Senior Fellow at the International Institute of Strategic Studies. His book ‘Bad Days in Basra’ will be published by I.B.Taurus in March 2008.

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