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Our association supports the values of democracy and social justice embodied in the English edition of Le Monde Diplomatique newspaper. We provide a forum for debates on contemporary international issues, chiefly through our public “Cafe Diplo” talks held at The Gallery in Farringdon, London on Monday evenings (see venue).Our events (presented in English) are opened by an invited speaker and allow for lively debate. Doors open at 18:30. Talks start at 18.45. Tickets on the door. Admission is £3 or £2 concessions.

The current season of talks ended on 12th June and our new Autumn series begins on 25th September.  We will post the new Cafes on the website as soon as speakers are confirmed.  If you have missed any past Cafes, you will find recordings of most of them under the “Audio” tab.

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Alia Brahimi - 18.45 on 25th September 2017
What ISIS in Libya tells us about the changing terrorist threat

What ISIS in Libya tells us about the changing terrorist threat

Conditions in Libya constitute a humanitarian crisis. The civilian population struggles to gain access to basic services such as healthcare, fuel, and electricity, and almost half a million people are internally displaced as government forces and dozens of militias continue to clash within the country. One of the side effects ...
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