Our Association supports the values of democracy and social justice embodied in the English edition of Le Monde Diplomatique newspaper. We provide a forum for debates on contemporary international issues, chiefly through our public "Cafe Diplo" talks held at The Gallery in Farringdon, London on Monday evenings.

Our events (presented in English) are opened by an invited speaker and allow for lively debate. Doors open at 18:30. Tickets on the door. Admission is £3 or £2 concessions.

Our current season of talks ended on 5th December. Our new season opens on Monday 23rd January with a talk on "The Russian Intervention on Syria" by the distinguished foreign correspondent and author Jonathan Steele.

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The Russian intervention in Syria Jonathan Steele

The tragic civil war in Syria between the Alawite-led government of President Bashir Assad, and the numerous disunited rebel brigades (including ISIS) that battle for control of the country, has...

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